SPI tech support

If you are using the Sufi Plug Ins and have a technical question, this is the place to ask. Whether or not it will be answered is another question.

sufiplugins asked: Gimboland says: "Drone is a really nice device - thanks! Only one problem: as far as I can see, only the overall level and the LPF are automatable. Is there any way round this? I tried wrapping it in a group but that only allows me to automate 8 more parameters - and I'd really like to be able to automate them all! The parameters are all automatable in the arrangement view - but you can't access them in clip envelopes, it seems...? Apologies for confusion."

We are aware of this issue and are working on it. As a workaround, you can make an instrument rack and assign the parameters you want to automate to the macro knobs and automate those. We will post a fix as soon as we have one.

richcompton asked: I just downloaded this instrument and set the settings exactly like they were in the Vimeo video and my "drone" sound sounds nothing like it did in the video. It's a shame because the drone sound in the video sounded really great. Is there anything I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

On Monday May 14th we will release a demo song which will contain that drone’s specific settings. That drone had reverb on it and a phaser as well. For a detailed guide to its use, download the demo song and check out our Drone Instructional Video.

way-net asked: <poem = "4u">plz o plz, release VSTs</poem> (scrounged $ for Max but not enough for Live)

we’re working on the VST versions — but need some programmers to help build them… IF ANY VST-WIZARDS ARE READING THIS, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.  Until then, Ableton Live+Max4Live are available as a 30-day free trial, so you can test drive the program and the Sufi Plug Ins.